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Project code:             ZL060
Project name:            Abbey Stampersgat
Location:                    Stampersgat, The Netherlands
Gross area:                 589 m2
Period:                         2016
Building costs:             € 350.000,-
Status:                          Completed

This monumental abbey in Stampersgat, The Netherlands is dated back to 1928. It was built as a residence for the nuns active in the neighboring church. During World War II the church and abbey came under siege by German infantry. The final resting place of some Allied soldiers is the cemetery next to the abbey. Bullet holes in the façade scar the building and are a testament to its history. Although the intention was to fully restore the abbey, which had been neglected for almost half a century, the bullet holes and scars from the war in the façade have been preserved.

The abbey has been restored by rebuilding the roof construction with original material types and where possible age specific second hand materials. The windows of the abbey did need to be modernized to fit double glazing. The mortar in the exterior walls was repaired with age specific ingredients and recipes. The interior has been renovated to an upgraded state that meets the current living requirements and standards. This entailed that most of the interior water, sewage, gas and electricity installations needed to be fully replaced. For climate control a combination was made with gas burning central heating, pellet furnaces and a heat recovery ventilation system.


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