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Project code:              ZL008
Project name:             Casa Nova
Location:                      Haaglanden, The Netherlands
Period:                          2007
Status:                           Competition 

In this design we have looked for a new way of living where the ground-bound garden is now the roof and a continuity of the landscape. The water has become part of the outdoor space in the form of a water garden (pond) at the same level as the water. This provides a built-up residential environment that is half-land and half-water.

The design has become an integral part of the landscape. The landscape continues through the house and the water runs between the houses in the landscape. The design zips together the two separate areas, landscape and water.

The residential design of the floating houses draws its inspiration from horticultural greenhouses in the area and their entirely glazed façades, and the simple nomadic tents of two sticks and a cloth. Two laminated wooden trusses are the main supporting structure and the roof of solar cells and boilers form the canvas.


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