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Project code:          ZL002
Project name:         Benetton Design Competition
Location:                 Tehran, Iran
Period:                     2008
Status:                      Competition

The Benetton City Gardens

The intent of this design is to bring back the lost natural space by utilizing the vertical volume of the plot to its maximum. The decrease in required floor space with the increasing height allows the building to step back and in a sense make way for the nature. By surrounding the perimeter of the building with green the users gain the feeling of leaving the city and entering nature.

The Benetton Cascade

The design for the new building on this site is inspired by the culturally prevalent use of geometry and patterns. The facade of the building is a load bearing concrete structure. The pointed oval shape of the elements are inspired by the domes and arches, it flowing lines gives the façade a changing dynamic. Inside visitors a amazed by a building high green covered atrium.


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