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Project code:              ZL004
Project name:             The fifth facade, Europan 10
Location:                     Maastricht, The Netherlands
Period:                         2009
Status:                          Competition

The focus of this design is on the fifth facade, making use of the roof landscape as a public space for recreation.
Rather than using rooflights and garden terraces to make a standard building block more interesting, the theme of the fifth facade has been seized to form a public space, a green area in the middle of the city. The roofs are connected from west to east, and through bridges between north and south. This way, the roof landscape can flow freely between the Eifel and the Frontensingel.

The buildings are shaped in an irregular pattern to make sure they do not become monotonous despite their length, and are shaped around courts designed for optimal sunlight conditions (from southwest or southeast) to as many dwellings as possible.


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