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Project code:               ZL018
Project name:              The ''Klankkaatser''
Location:                      The Netherlands
Gross area:                   79 m2
Period:                          2010
Budget:                         € 350.000,- 
Status:                           Completed

The Klankkaatster (Sound Bouncer) is a 10 metre high ellipsoid object designed by sound sculptor Hans van Koolwijk. The ellipsoidal shape has two internal focal points. At the upper focal point a sound machine will provide a series of tunes. The user will stand at the lowest focal point with his/her ears at the exact focal point. Due to the shape all sound produced by the sound machine will arrive from its origin at the upper focal point to the lowest focal point at exactly the same time interval. The user will experience the sound he hears as being produced from within his head.

At the same time a Ganzfeld ring with an accompanying light orchestra can be seen above head. As the light show plays in accordance to the sounds it will create a unique user experience.
This small structure for sound art is contained in a 10 metre high ellipsoid with a diameter of 5 metres.


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