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Project code:              ZL023
Project name:             EcoBunker
Location:                     Developing Countries
Gross area:                  113 m2
Period:                          2011
Status:                          Concept Design

The concept for a sustainable eco-friendly bunker was conceived when it was noticed that in 3rd world countries the storage of chemicals, mainly for agriculture, is stored unsafely and dangerously. Many residents of third world countries still produce their own crops and tend to their own livestock.

Two types of bunkers have been designed for this project; The Large Scale Bunker is an industrial structure built for long term, permanent storage. The Small Scale Bunker is designed for seasonal storage by rural farmers/villages. The SSB is a bamboo core structure that is covered with sand/soil to provide the necessary protection from the elements and external factor. The LSB is a heavy prefab concrete structure built to last.


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