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Project code:              ZL028
Project name:             Green Machine
Location:                     Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Period:                         2011
Status:                          Competition 

The current incarnation of the Potentiaal building is now decades old and requires a re-imagining of its form and function. The function has been determined to be student housing in combination with some University functions and a cultural facility. This 20.000plus square meter complex will inhabit a multitude of differing functions while still aspiring to be green.

The first two floors will house a library, study areas, cultural centre. The basement will provide storage for bicycles and a large data centre. The data centre’s heat production will heat the renovated building. From the second floor and up the old building will be revitalized into student rooms. The corners of the structure will house basins in which plants and small trees will grow. The roof will house a basketball court surrounded by green.


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