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Project code:              ZL031
Project name:             Control Room
Location:                     Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Gross area:                  915 m2
Period:                         2011
Building costs:             € 1.000.000,-
Status:                          Concept Design

The Maassilo Creative Factory was established as a greenhouse for small starting creative companies. The seven-story building currently houses nearly 80 small businesses. The companies are spread over an area of approximately 2500m2.

On the seventh floor behind an obscure emergency exit is the 'Control Room'. When the Maassilo was still used for grain storage, this space on the seventh floor was the place where all grain was given a place in the building. From this space wagons, conveyor belts and tubes were controlled to guide the grain in the right direction to the silos below.
This control room can be renovated into an expansion with open and closed offices, a new incubator for creative and out of the box thinking. 


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