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Project code:              ZL034
Project name:             Topibo House
Location:                     Paramaribo, Surinam   
Period:                         2011
Status:                          Concept design

The Topibo House is located in Surinam. De house has a square design with a central hidden garden. The roof extends in all directions giving shade from the sun. A large tree in the hidden patio shades the roof itself. This reduces the heat load and the warming if the house. IN the tropics insulation from cold is not needed and by limiting the sun load on the structure the need for additional air conditioning is also reduced.

This house has a concrete brick construction without insulation. The walls are finished with white colored stucco, which fits the Surinam climate. The red roof panels on the roof are from standard dimensions that directly delivered from the factory. The interior is mainly hard wood framing and floors.


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