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Project code:              ZL036
Project name:             Veemarkt House
Location:                     Utrecht, The Netherlands
Gross area:                  240 m2
Period:                         2012
Status:                          Concept Design

The house was built for the growth and development of the residents as a starting point. The house starts as a small and fine house meant for a starting family. However, the hull has already been prepared for the enlargement and changing wishes of the residents. In the beginning the family can build this house with a small budget when they do not need much space yet.

The house has a timber frame construction. This hull is the basis and that is realized in one go. Although at first only one or two floors could be build, the construction is suitable for four floors. The insulating layer is around the frame. In this case, environmentally friendly flax wool and biofoam are chosen as insulation material. The shell is a growth soil around the house on which small plants, grasses and flowers can grow. These will protect the house in a natural way and isolate it.
The facade consists of modules in a wooden frame, these can be either a wide window, a narrow window and green element. During the design and construction process, residents can arrange these according to their own taste.


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