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Project code:              ZL037
Project name:              Transformation Margrietflat
Location:                      The Hague, The Netherlands
Period:                          2012
Status:                           Competition Design

The primary starting point behind this concept are its users. The apartment used to be a senior apartment and has to get a more extensive character. It is no longer just for seniors, but a mix of different family formations will make the apartment more livelier.

The vision on the balconies must also be functional. That is why we have chosen to design the balconies and the construction according to the IFD principle. This means that the appearance and technology are industrial, flexible and dismountable.

The construction is a combination of laminated wood with steel parts. It rejuvenates itself with the height of the building. In this way, materials will only be used where it is needed.
The round organic leaf forms refer to the nature where the wood comes from. To emphasize this and to guarantee mutual privacy, the oval openings are covered with climbing plants.


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