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Project code:              ZL041
Project name:             Maashaven terminal
Location:                     Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Gross area:                  475 m2
Period:                         2013  
Status:                          Concept Design

The main idea is to make a direct connection from the Maashaven Terminal with the metro station Maashaven and to create an attractive open platform on the water side, accessible for everyone who wants to use the Maashaven Terminal.

The Maashaven Terminal can be used as a departure point for touring boats & fast travelers by waterplanes. On the one hand, the decentralized location with respect to tourist flows is still a disadvantage, but it is expected that this will change with the further development of the Maashaven and the other ports that are part of the City Ports (Stadshavens). Thanks to its construction, even with the currently decentralized location as a temporary handicap, a high-quality environment can be created that attracts the tourists & travellers. 

Realization of the MT within these parameters would largely add public space to the city of Rotterdam. Normally this makes a construction project impossible from an economic perspective. Nevertheless, it is expected that the special location of the Maassilo has the possibility to create high-quality (semi) public spaces on the long term and within a limited budget and time frame, while at the same time can make a profitable investment in real estate. 


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