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Project code:              ZL049
Project name:             Terrace Jonkheer van Riemsdijklaan
Location:                     The Hague, The Netherlands
Gross area:                  40 m2
Period:                         2014
Status:                          Completed    

This special terrace has been added to the backside of the house at the Jonkheer van Riemsdijklaan. The construction is mainly made of fine hardwood with sloped glass skylights that rests on top for rain protection. This extended the space from the living room to the garden with 2,5 meters.

The terrace structure has been designed & build with special attention to the joints and details. Connection are made from aluminum fixings flush with the timbre. Stainless steel bolts join the structure together. This, all be it slightly more labor intensive, building technique gives the structure a luxurious look and feel. 


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