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Project code:             ZL056
Project name:            Exhibition Garage in Bleijswijk
Location:                    Bleijswijk, The Netherlands
Gross area:                138 m2
Period:                        2015
Building costs:            € 125.000,- 
Status:                         Concept Design

A new house and garage was to be realized on the plot of the Nieuwenhuis family in the upcoming years. On this plot is still a house, which serves as the current home for the family. The old barn has been demolished, and there are plans to build a new exhibition garage at the location of the old shed. The family wanted to use the garage mainly to store their exotic cars.

The new garage will have to fulfill several functions, storage, garage (cars), but also as a place to do some office work.

The entire interior is free of columns and thanks to the high windows, there is always a lot of light in the garage and a way to look at the cars. The concrete roof is equipped with an extensive green roof. The building is insulated around to limit temperature fluctuations inside. The total size of this garage is approximately 150 m2.


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