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Project code:              ZL070
Project name:             Extension Marisstraat
Location:                      Zandvoort, The Netherlands
Gross area:                  135 m2
Period:                          2016
Status:                           Completed

This is a renovation design of the house at the Marisstraat in Zandvoort in The Netherlands. A two-storey extension that has a nice view over the garden. The extension of the house was required in order increase the living space in the already cramped residence. With the extension approximately 30 sq.m. could be added to the already small existing 70sq.m. of the old house.

The extension over the full width of the garden creates extra space for the living room and a great scenic view from the sleeping & bathroom into the garden.

The white stucco and wooden windows in the facades creates a warm expression and it softens the impact of the extension to the neighbors.

The interior renovation consisted of a revitalized floorplan for the ground floor, second floor and the attic. A total replacement of al the existing installations; i.e. water, sewage, gas and electrical. The house was also fitted with new central heating and heat recuperating ventilation system.


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