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Project code:              ZL089
Project name:             Renovation Zaanenstraat
Location:                     Haarlem, The Netherlands
Gross area:                  140 m2
Period:                          2017
Status:                          Completed

The building at Zaanenstraat in Haarlem is an office building built in 1931. The function of the building is now as business and office space. It is the wish of the owner to renovate an existing attached space into an apartment. The existing shed will also be demolished in the garden and a larger garden house will be realized at the same location. The garden house will also serve as a secondary apartment for the son of the owner.

Architecturally, the new garden house on two sides of the inheritance boundary, just as in the existing situation, a brick outside wall. On the garden side, it has chosen for a finish of vertical Red Cedar slats and high windows. The street scene will remain unchanged for both parts of the renovation.


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